About Me

My name is David Strutzenberg, grew up in Mokena, Illinois. I’ve always been the exploring and curious type. Whether it was hiking aimlessly into the woods, building forts as a kid, building skateboard ramps, or drawing in a sketchbook whatever was on my mind, a common theme of create always stayed with me. My dad has run his own custom carpentry company for many years, so after high school it was only fitting to join him to help him out and learn the trades. To this day, still happily work with him and we are a successful team. Knowing in the future my dad will enjoy his retirement, a decision on what I want to do with the rest of my career had to be made. Through out this whole time working with my dad, I’ve always done woodworking projects for myself on the side and to think of a day where I could have my own shop to create all day would be amazing. After a few years of stressing out about what I want to do, creating art and woodwork it is. Growing up, every year my parents always took my sister and I on awesome vacations. A lot of them up into the mountains of Canada and the Rocky mountains in the lower 48 were most memorable. During the stressing out of where do I see myself in the future, it was always a flat piece of property in Illinois… blah.. Just doing a simple search of what property was going for in other places A light bulb went off and realized I could be in the mountains!! After a year of property research and a trip out west that came up empty, I ended up back there in the spring of 2017 to try again. On a perfect 75 degree and sunny day, I arrived at a 20 acre property to look at just outside of Helena MT. Stepping out of my truck to complete silence with a view of mountains knew right away this was it (picture above). Called the agent and by that night I was signing papers. This next chapter in my life is saving money to start literally from the ground up to build a house and eventually be as self sufficient as possible on my homestead. Any purchases made will go to helping me start on this journey……. Thank you!


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